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Environmental Impact Assessment / Audit Expert

Associations & Cooperation

The firm is owned and managed by its directors and is independent of commercial organisations. In order to broaden the scope of the services available to its clients, and to have the benefit of experience, the firm maintains associations with other consulting engineering and other independent consultants.
These associations, secured by either long term or ad hoc agreements, provide, inter alia, for technical co-operation, interchange of staff and joint-venture activities, as well as exposes CGP to considerable experience, and the latest developments in the industry.

Fields of Specialization

Every project has its own parameters: location, size, performance criteria and technical needs, among other factors. Together they define a project's engineering and design challenges. Working from this point of view, CGP applies its experience and resources to arrive at the right solution for our clients, to meet their local project needs and challenges.

Engineering and design are CGP core competencies, which we have developed from over combined experience of more than 50 years by our staff in completing some of the most complex infrastructure projects in Kenya and other Eastern African countries. This translates into higher constructability, availability, reliability and quality on every project we undertake.

You can depend on CGP for insight and foresight, with solutions that address today's challenges and anticipate tomorrow's. Our skilled and experienced engineers, scientists, and technicians strive to deliver quality, ease of operation and long-term reliability at the lowest life-cycle cost. And, we anticipate.

We help you meet current needs while planning ahead for growth, future supply and changing regulations. CGP, in partnership with forward-thinking clients, continues to take the lead in engineering services by continually looking ahead

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History & Legal Status

The firm was founded in 1986 initially as Charchi Githinji & Partners a sole proprietorship but restructured later to respond to expanded workload and changing operating environment. The firm was later incorporated as a Limited liability Company in the year 2006, and the name has since changed to CGP Consulting Engineers (2017), with the majority shares held by the principal professional engineers of the firm.

After its formation in1986, the firm initially concentrated on buildings, but since then, the firm has expanded its engineering designs and construction services in the other types of civil engineering works, including transportation, infrastructure, energy, water and waste water engineering services. The range of clients has expanded correspondingly to encompass private clients, public departments, and other consulting firms.

CGP was registered by with the Ministry of Roads and Public Works in year 2003 (Category A). Additionally, the firm was registered as an Environmental Impact Assessment / Audit Expert in 2012 by National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) and registered as a consulting firm by Engineer’s Board of Kenya (EBK)

Our Team

CGP maintains a good working relationship with leading Materials Laboratories, Aerial Survey Firms & other supporting entities. The company routinely subcontracts testing of samples to industry standard laboratories such as the Ministry of Transport & Infrastructure Main Materials Lab, & University of Nairobi’s Department of Civil and Construction Engineering Materials Lab

Eng. S Kinyua

Highways/Roads Engineer

Maina Githinji (PE)

Environmental Services

Eng. J Ruigu

Materials Engineer